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5 Black-Owned Grooming Brands You Must Know

5 Black-Owned Grooming Brands You Must Know

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As the market for grooming products widens, there are a new crop of Black-owned brands that are making a major impact. Some have been on the scene for a minute, others are just beginning their ascent into mainstream channels. Each brand featured here have been personally tested by yours truly and I can honestly recommend them all.


BEVEL Products

When Bevel first hit the scene, they made waves due to their safety razor shaving system. For guys with coarse hair, especially Black & Hispanic men, this system help to reduce or eliminate razor bumps.

Over the years, Tristan Walker, founder of Bevel has expanded the product offering to hair care, skincare, body and of course their sought after Trimmer (which I own). For a Bevel novice, give their body wash a try. It’s one of the most hydrating in the market.

Buttah by Dorion

buttah by dorion Renaud

Actor Dorion Renaud came out of the gates strong during the pandemic with the launch of his skincare and grooming line Buttah by Dorion. While thumbing through Facebook one evening, I stumbled upon an ad for the brand and the visuals drew me in.

Five minutes later, my order skin transforming kit was in! With the tagline “Enriching skincare for multicultural tones”, I was excited to see how well these products would enhance my melanin. After just one week of use, my skin had a glow that I hadn’t seen with other products. Buttah offers customizable Skin & Body kits, as well as, individual products.

Frederick Benjamin

Frederick Benjamin Grooming Co

When it comes to clearing razor bumps, Frederick Benjamin grooming might have the magic formula. A few years ago, I received their Bump Clear and it completely change my life. If you’re having trouble with razor bumps, you’ll need the Frederick Benjamin Shaving Regimen.

Golden Grooming Co

Golden Grooming Bundle

Another brand that took off during the pandemic, Golden Grooming Co caught my eye via an Instagram ad. Besides the clean package design and affordable pricing, Golden Grooming Co makes some outstanding products with natural ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter & red palm oil.

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I’ve used the Body Balm, Body Wash and Solid Cologne, all of which where beautifully fragrant and moisturizing. If you suffer from dry skin like me, the body balm is a game changer.

Shea Moisture

Shea Moisture

Consider Shea Moisture the OG of the brands on this list. You can shop the Shea Moisture site or find their products at your favorite Target store. Over the years, they created a full men’s collection which included beard cleansers & oils, moisturizers and bar soap.

There are two products that you should check out from Shea Moisture: Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil & Witch Hazel Skin Rescue Face Oil + African Black Soap Soothing Body Wash.

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