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Luxury custom clothier Richfresh Pivots to Face-Mask Subscription w/ Henry Mask

Luxury custom clothier Richfresh Pivots to Face-Mask Subscription w/ Henry Mask

Henry Mask c/o Richfresh

Recently, the CDC recommended that we add the use of facial mask as a tool to slow the spread of Coronavirus when we have to be in out public — which is in addition to the mandated social distancing. While, the mandate has pleaded with everyone to save N95 masks and surgical level face coverings for medical professionals, the use of cotton face mask have been suggested for everyday use by average citizens.

While many are turning to their inner DIY selves to fashion face mask from old shirts to bandanas, a fresh face in the fashion game has made the most appropriate pivot with his brand. Custom luxury bespoke designer Richfresh know for outfitting entertainment and athletic heavy-hitters like John Legend, Dywane Wade, Megan Rapinoe and Lena Waithe in his laser cut wares adorn with his signature two-stripes, has launched face mask subscription service — Henry Mask co.

Henry Mask c/o Richfresh

We had the chance to ask Richfresh about the new venture Henry Mask Co. Check out our short interview below.


MSP: What made you and your partner decide that a surgical masks subscription service was the right move?

Richfresh/Henry Mask: My brother Chase @iamchasemorgan and I were sitting at the house a few weeks ago after LA got shut down. We were discouraged because all of our tailors had to stop working. We were thinking of ways to keep them active. 

We started looking for masks for them to wear to work and we couldn’t find any. Anywhere. That really pissed us off, but I realized that I had Polypropylene fabric at the shop. I went down, designed a mask and made it. It was beautiful. That hatched the idea. Since then, we’ve produced over 5000 masks in the past week and a half.

MSP: Can you accommodate custom design orders?

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Richfresh/Henry Mask: We can accommodate custom orders and bulk orders through our websites bulk link. Minimum quantities will apply. 

MSP: What’s the price point for the service? And, can someone just place a single order without subscription?

Richfresh/Henry Mask: A monthly subscription of for travel masks is $39.99 per month. Your first month you will receive an additional 20% off. 

Right now, we aren’t taking single unit orders. This is a product that everyone needs in multiples. No one needs to go into a store and buy a roll of toilet paper when you can buy a four pack. We want to make sure that people are prepared at all times.

Chase Morgan & Patrick Henry and Richfresh and Henry Mask Co
Henry Mask c/o Richfresh
Henry Mask c/o Richfresh

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