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Stepping Into Warm Weather Gear (From Down Jackets To Wool Beanies)

Stepping Into Warm Weather Gear (From Down Jackets To Wool Beanies)

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Here is the States, we’re “finally” stepping in the grips of a true winter chill. To be honest, chill is a definite understatement. IT’S FREEZING! Come on, there’s nothing like stepping out the door while it’s 28 degrees out with a wind-chill on 19 degrees to make you rethink your entire wardrobe or at least your outerwear choices.

Nonetheless, we must put one foot in front of the other and make that trek into the urban jungle (or suburban jungle). From down jackets to hiking boots, this blog post will serve as a guide to proper winter style that will keep you warm and fresh

Coats & Vests

24s Coats & Vest

Let’s call this the starting point of battling the winter chill – finding the right jacket or vest (maybe both). Depending on where you live, the level coat/vest warm will vary- but, the goal is still the same, let’s stay warm.


Cropped & oversized outerwear and clothing are trending across the board, however; when it comes to cold-weather styling, full-length pieces are key. Here’s the scenario, when a gust of wind kicks up, having your waist cover will keep that chill from creeping up your back. But, if you’re lucky enough to live in a climate that’s slightly warmer and you can get away with rocking a puffer vest or even a waist-length down jacket brands like Canada Goose have mastered that arena.

Down or Bust?

Now, there may be a debate of whether down (goose or duck feathers) or synthetic filler for your coat or vest is better. Both filler materials offer warmth, however; price points will differ. Down feathers are lighter, however; synthetic filler is a bit more inexpensive.

There are a variety reasons to select one filler over the other, but, what it comes down to is personal preference. Personally, goose down is the way to go because its insulation quality is second to none. Keep brands like Moncler, Nobis, Canada Goose & Woolrich in mind for a variety of vests, parkas and puffer jackets that will range in filling that will keep your perfectly toasty across all price points.

Hats Gloves & scarves 24s

Hats, Scarves & Gloves… Oh My!

Keeping your hands, neck and of course your head covered is sometimes overlooked when it comes to staying warm during the winter months. People often tend to treat these items as after thoughts but can be the main way to keep you truly warm.

One of the best rules of thumb with selecting a beanie (skully where I’m from) and a scarf is to opt for the ribbed option. And not just any ribbed option, you’ll want a tightly ribbed. Wider ribbing or cable knits can let the breeze right in. Especially when it comes to beanies that are taken off and on, they’ll keep its shape and warmth. Essentially, this is a case when we’re talking about weave of fabric.

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Now, when it comes to gloves – this is a time to put the fancy (yet, cool) driving gloves away. And, pick up a pair of alpaca, wool and cashmere lined gloves that are extremely comfortable and keep your digits rather warm. There are a fair number of down gloves or mittens (don’t sleep on mittens) that are suitable and stylish – you’ll just need to decided what fits your personal style.

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Protect Your Feet

There’s nothing worst than having a crisp, blast of cold air creep into your shoes on your morning commute. More than likely, your footwear isn’t properly sealed, and your socks are on the thinner side.  Alpine or hiking boots are usually designed to keep your feet dry. Be sure to check if these boots have goodyear welt construction – with lugged or dainite soles (they essentially waterproof). And, they have just enough space that wearing a thicker pair of socks won’t become uncomfortable.

Just make sure you can lace those boots above your ankles with a dense pair of ribbed socks. This boot & sock combination will be your final touch to battle those frigid temperature with a bit more style.

Brands like Canada Goose, Bobbies and Stone Island having some solid options when it comes to hiking boots. But, as a bonus – if you can find a pair of puffer boots, then you’ve hit the winter jackpot.

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